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Mobidia - DMP Network Optimization
Part 1 in the life of Mobidia - The original corporate story from 2006 until 2010


Mobidia started off in life as a mobile network optimization play with its DMP technology. By mid 2010,after all of our tough sledding in the mobile space, pitching our network optimization technology to major mobile operators globally and also their equipment vendors, we were tired out and were fishing around for a different direction to head in. DMP ultimately formed the foundations for our highly successful mobile app analytics play (from 2010 until 2015 when we sold to App Annie) after we realized that the simple act of tracking app and network useage data was a huge business model all on its own - a small fraction of the DMP solution turned out in the end to be our 'home run hit'. Such is life in the tech universe ... App Annie acquired Mobidia in 2015 (the DMP technology was not part of the sale and remains an asset of MTI LP which I am the general partner).

Below are some of the DMP network optimization presentation slides that are extracted from this document: Mobidia DMP Overview - June 2014


Both Vodafone and Cisco extensively tested this technology and made recommendations to install it on public networks - see reports below:

2010 05 Mobidia Cisco Technical Due Diligence Report - May 2010

2010 05 Mobidia Vodafone D2 Technical Due Diligence Report - May 2010


Here are some earlier presentations on DMP from my archives:

Mobidia Corporate Presentation - January 2009

Mobidia Layer 4 Optimization - March 2011


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