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Intrinsyc Software - CEO Interviews
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TV Interviews

The interesting/scary thing about these TV interviews is how young I look in the 1997/1998 Investors On Line interviews and how much older I look in the 2005 interviews on ROBTV. Is this just normal aging or has my high stress leadership role as CEO of Intrinsyc over more than a 10 year period prematurely aged me?

In what was later to become the 'classic' early stage Intrinsyc CEO interview, Pat Bolland (click here for Pat's bio) of Investors On Line TV granted me a 17 minute nationally televised interview - just after our successful appearance with Microsoft in their booth at Comdex '97 - where we had been granted a semi-private (invitation based) audience with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

You may notice how much more relaxed I look after the first TV ad break - in fact the difference in my appearance is due to the lack of makeup at the beginning of the interview (which was applied during the break due to a rush to get me on the set initially). Murray Duncan, our Director of IR/PR, accompanied me before and during the interview and helped me rehearse for it while sitting in the 'green room' before hand. Yes, I was nervous as it was my first time on TV:

Investors On-Line TV Interview with Pat Bolland - December 6, 1997 (17 minutes, 96MB)






It was a crazy time at Intrinsyc as we were starting up a financing road show based on the strength of our Comdex event momentum and had hoped for a TSX Exchange Listing that ended up not materializing for 3 more years. I left Pat's TV studios and drove through a snow storm to the Toronto airport and boarded a plane for investor presentations in Taiwan, via San Francisco, and arrived back in Vancouver 3 days later.

One year later Pat agreed to re-interview me, saying at the time that my 1997 interview had been voted 'best interview of the year' - because it was an energetic delivery and contained interesting subject matter. The interview had actually been re-broadcast at year end because of this. The next time I came into their Toronto studios, Pat enthusiastically greeted me, but he had scratched his eyeball when adjusting his contact lens and could not read the teleprompter - so he asked me (now the experienced interviewee) to help him out and lead the Q&A if he missed his queues):

Investors On-Line TV Interview with Pat Bolland - December 6, 1998 (18 minutes, 105MB)






In March of 2000 Intrinsyc secured another interview, this time on ROBTV while I was in Toronto during a financing road show with LOM Limited. This interview was not recorded but it stands out as a seminal event because our ICS stock traded up $1 during the interview and hit its all time high of $9.70 just before the interview ended. I received many calls and emails from family, friends and colleagues offering congratulations for a motivational performance that truly created shareholder value!

In 2002 Intrinsyc secured another interview with CityTV when a Cabinet Federal Minister, Stephen Owen, visited our offices to promote his government's relationship with local successful high tech firms and their Technology Partnerships Canada repayable investment into the company:

CityTV Interview/Company Profile - August 2002 (2:20 minutes:sec, 14MB)






We had done a soft-rollout of our Soleus feature phone operating system at 3GSM in Cannes, France in early 2005 and had also benefited from the initial media driven hype around the ill-fated Gizmondo mobile gaming device that we had helped develop under contract. Both interviews were on ROBTV, with the first one focused on the Gizmondo device, and the second one on Soleus:

Report on Business TV Interview - March 15, 2005 (7 minutes, 40MB)






Report on Business TV Interview - July 13, 2005 (7 minutes, 37MB)







Radio and Web Interviews - Transcripts

Investor Canada - March 2000

Technology Canada - June 2000

Canada Invest - January 2001

Silicon Valley North - March 2002

Wall Street Transcript - May 2006



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