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Point Grey Green Room Gang 1970s Era Musical Reunion (Sept 14, 2012)
Meeting old friends, sharing stories and having a few new musical experiences together again


It has been 10 years since the last reunion and this time we are planning a larger event where more former Green Room Gang members and their groupies get a chance to reunite both in friendship but also in music. We hope to hold the reunion at a club in the Vancouver area and have Jamie Croil and some of his band members anchor the event, allowing others to join in and/or play their own songs.

We'll create a set list and encourage as much musical participation as possible.

There is a Facebook event page setup at titled Point Grey 'Secondary School 1970s Green Room Gang Musical Reunion'. If you would like to register for this event please add yourself to the event attendees and also send at email to derekspratt @ Let us know your ideas for event planning purposes. Thank you.


Some photos from the 1970s:








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